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Anya Nyson, LMSW, RYT

Anya Nyson, LMSW, RYT


Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy


Welcome. As a psychotherapist, I want to give you the skills and confidence to better navigate the challenging times in your life. I want to help you learn to trust your gut again. I believe that when we get back to listening to our intuition and trusting our truth rather than doing what we think we “should” or do things to please others so they’ll like us, we open the door to living a more content and even happier life. It is my life’s work to help you be your most authentic self. My ultimate goal as a therapist is for you to no longer need me. My work is about giving you the skills and confidence for you to better navigate the challenging times in your life.

Areas of Practice

I provide individual, family and couple's counseling - in person in the Greater Grand Rapids Michigan area or via Skype for:

Difficulties in relationships
Life coaching
Increasing self-awareness
Meditation and breathwork

The Persona

The three circles at left represent your:

Where these three circles intersect is our persona (in Jungian psychology persona is the personal facade that one presents to the world).

Who we are is the intersection of our moods, thoughts, and behaviors.